Specialist Electrical Design and Repair Services

Spark City is the best at custom design and repairs for vehicles, boats, and industrial machinery. We offer design and repair services for all forms of electrics on cars, trucks, jet skis and recreational vehicles, boats and mobile homes, and industrial machinery including diggers and forklifts. 

Automotive Diagnostics

Whether it is a passenger vehicle, a fishing boat or a forklift, we perform expert and comprehensive diagnostics on the health and capacity of all electrical parts. We can find out exactly what you should expect from your vehicle, figure out what is wrong, and offer you solutions to get you up and running. Spark City is an authorised dealer of Battery Town batteries and accessories, and we guarantee batteries for 24 months. 
Automotive Diagnostics
Electrical Servicing

Heavy Machinery

We specialise in heavy machinery and have extensive experience working with the mining industry in NZ to ensure their vehicles are reliable, safe, and operating at full capacity. Talk to us today about diagnostics, repairs, and electrical design for riggers, diggers, forklifts, excavators and more. 
We offer Q Card and Farmers card payment options.
Auto Electrical Repair

Auto Electrical Repairs

We can fix any electrical issue in a vehicle. Our on site technicians are experts in diagnosing and repairing vehicle electronics, and you’ll get fantastic service at great prices.  
Electrical diagnostic

Specialist Electrical Design

Get up to date with the latest electrical technology for your vehicle. Our showroom displays some examples of the latest in electrical design for vehicles and we can customise electrical services for any type of motor and vehicle. Visit our showroom or call today.

Visit our showroom or call 07 850 1922 today to book an auto electrical repair service. 

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