Battery Town

24 Month Battery Guarantees

Spark City Auto Electrical is an authorised dealer for Battery Town -- the most reliable batteries for industrial and vehicle needs available. 
Won the 2014/2015 gold Achievement award -  the Commercial Battery Sales.

Battery Town is a supplier to a network of licensed technicians including Spark City that are able to assess, replace, or repair batteries for vehicles, boats, and industrial machinery. We offer the following battery services
Free Battery checks and diagnosis

Battery Checks and Diagnostics

The first step to vehicle and equipment maintenance is getting regular checks and diagnostics. We’ll be able to tell you about the capacity, safety, and expected results of your current batteries, as well as offer custom solutions. 

The Latest In Battery Technology

We have the latest range of battery technology, including chargers that increase the longevity of heavy duty batteries for 4WD and more. Visit our showroom to find out what you could use to improve the performance and longevity of your vehicles. 

Battery Replacement

We will quickly find the exact right battery fit, and install it in your vehicle with the utmost care and expertise. Our onsite technicians can replace batteries with our huge stock or can procure any hard to find battery you may need. 
Battery Replacement
Battery Replacement

Guaranteed Longevity

We guarantee our batteries will last 24 months. Trust your vehicle, boat, or machinery will function at the highest capacity for longer with our battery guarantee. 

Visit our showroom or give us a call at 07 850 1922 to get a custom battery diagnostic from the battery experts. 

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